In Black and White


06/22/01 The Ventura County Star's picture of a Tractor Race
06/26/01 Tractor Man Poem By Mary Timmons
07/06/01 Santa Paula Times picture of Airport Show
07/09/01 Letter of Appreciation from Ventura County Museum
10/29/01 Bob and Elouise Alexander's Gas Engine Magazine article
11/01/01 Cookie's Toys article
04/04/02 E-mail from a Windmill nut (his words)& some windmill links  
06/01/02 Thank you from Mary Timmons
07/13/02 Thank you from Bob Mahan
07/15/03 Oxnard Centennial Letter of Appreciation and Certificate
10/16/03 Ken Crow's 50th Anniversary
12/18/03 The Ventura County Star's Article about the Club
04/23/05 Thank you card from Rancho Camulos
04/30/05 Thank you letter from Hansen Trust / FarmFest
01/22/06 LeRoy (Lee) Miller Memorial Page
11/29/06 Thank you letter from Underwood Family Farms
07/05/07 Thank you letter from Ronald Reagan Library
10/20/07 Underwood Family Farms Fall Festival Powerpoint
07/09/08 Thank you letter from Ronald Reagan Library
04/17/10 Tulare Stars
11/01/11 Thank you from Mary McGrath
11/07/11 Thank you from Rancho Camulos

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